The Tyranny of Democracy: A Beginning

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” – Thomas Jefferson

As any Miss World contestant would gladly tell you, the world we live in today was shaped by millennia of suffering, conflict, genocide, misguidance and indoctrination. Glad that’s over? Great. Why shouldn’t you be, considering the privileged existences we all lead, here, in the 21st Century, at the pinnacle of human advancement. You’ve been lied to.

“Democracy is a lie. Democracy is a tool. Democracy and Capitalism are no different to Communism.”

What a ridiculous sentiment. What could possibly be a better tool to shape the course of human evolution than a democratic society led by the people, for the people, and of the people? Nothing, in theory.

Then what could be better than a socialist, classless society, where the wealth of the land is shared among the masses, where your personal capabilities are lauded, from each according to his abilities, from each according to his needs? Nothing, in theory.

Of course, as we are often reminded in the glorious establishment that is formal education, the difference between an idea and its implementation is vast and ever-morphing. A fine example of this, as we are told by a schooling system that could only possibly have our best interests at heart, is the glaring failure of Socialism when put into practice. Oh lord, have mercy on those corrupted Soviets who brainwashed their helpless populous into thinking everyone was equal, and had a fair say, while they lived in luxury and squandered their nation’s resources. What a despicable thing to do. How dare those Commie leaders exploit the masses for personal gain?! And what a pity that the average people lacked the intellect to understand what was being done to them! What a poor, helpless, generation!

Now aren’t you relieved that you didn’t have to live through that? Aren’t you grateful that you don’t live in a world where people are dying from starvation and hunger while a select one percent consume 90 percent of its resources? Aren’t you glad that you have leaders working hard to further your standard of living, who are entirely selfless and in the same social strata as the majority of their voters?

No. you’re not glad or relieved: because you live in a world of one percent vs ninety-nine; led by politicians treated like royalty; within an economic system that is corrupt by virtue of being an economic system. You live in a world so dysfunctional that your leaders – supposedly elected freely and fairly – can only stay in power by deliberately dumbing down the electorate to a level where their vote is cast based on emotional manipulation and unfulfilled promises.

What could be better than popular consensus, the idea that everybody’s vote counts? Nothing, in theory.

A majority vote is a brilliant idea, in a society where every able person receives an unbiased, equal, education; and potential leaders are granted popularity based on intention and leadership ability and not misinformation and emotional allegiance. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people are only starting to realise the meaning of Carpe Diem, and are using that knowledge not to make their time count, but as a vehicle to justify stupidity. This interpretation is an explicit illustration of the level of (im)maturity inherent in the Y(OLO) generation and every generation that had a hand in its creation. Engineers and supporters of democracy, in its current form at least, undoubtedly exploit this trait to further an agenda. The uneducated masses continue to elect corrupt and unfit leaders because they don’t know any better, or are impressed by gimmicks and freebies during pre-election frenzies; while those educated enough to make an informed decision either adopt a similar attitude or don’t vote at all, dumbing down themselves, drowning in a maelstrom of mass-media and incessant marketing.

If democracy was truly a working system that could count itself above communism, or, dare I say it, monarchy, there would be poor politicians and an educated and enriched populous.

Right now, it is neither. That is the fault of no one, and everyone.

Because, once in a while, somebody needs to cut through the stinking piles of red-tape-bureaucracy and remind people that until they’re mature enough to handle it, high-minded ideology will always be corrupted by an innately flawed human condition. This isn’t the end, this is a new beginning.

Because sometimes we need a dictator.

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