In Justice

Imagine you’re a beached whale
Turning rancid on some far-off shore

Imagine you’re a dead hooker
Embracing a suburban wooden floor,
Imagine you’re a member of her clientele
A dime-a-dozen corrupt officer of the law,
Imagine you get angry, ‘cos you’re short of cash
Beat the poor woman until her blood hangs on the door,
Imagine you’re the preschool kid
Of that old, pig-servicing whore.

Imagine you’re 16 now
Just a fresh dropout from school,
Imagine you get locked up
Overdosing on the cool,
Imagine you see an old cop
That old, familiar fool,
Imagine you grab his 9 millimeter
Reduce him to blood and drool,

Imagine you’re a beached whale,
Rolled back into the pool.


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