Seven voices
Seven sins
Strafe my mind
With wanton whims.

In flirtatious whispers
They begin
To wrought their will
Through broken hymns.

Sacrifice and evil deeds
A chorus of depravity,
Echoes around the fun fair ride,
The melancholy of my mind.

They’re closer now
Nails scrape on skull
Even tragedy
Can’t be this dull

They’re getting restless, I can tell
Desperate to unleash hell.

Incite, incite, their Gothic chants
Surge through my brain
Rebel implants.

Worship drugs, burn TV’s
“Cause some shit”
These voices scream.

Question all the worthless rules
A society governed by a pack of fools.

Take my voice
Take my words
And I’ll raze your entire world.

“Burn the class notes”
They’re enraged
“A middle finger
To this pretty cage”

Letter bombs
The People can now reign supreme.

These voices, they bleed into eyes
9-5 isn’t where I’ll die.

Fly and fight and fuck the system,
Armed with
A different brand of wisdom.

A Molotov cocktail for every
For every teacher
Who set in the rot.

Black fatigues and pounding hearts
This is how revolution starts.
Kick desks and chairs and rupture spleens
Crush their lies with stifled dreams.

Turn my eyes up to the sun
The light and I have become one.
This vision scored across my ribs
A world where we can truly live.

Seven billion voices
Seven sins
Strafe your mind
With wanton whims.

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