We’re All Mad Here

To empty space
She sits and stares
And lays to waste.

The abyss leaks down
In tarred black rain
A prison cell
Of muted pain.

Inside herself
A struggle rages
Smothered light,
Forgotten faces.

by her fractured thoughts
She searches for
The faith she lost.

Looking through
Amnesiac past
She tumbles through
The looking-glass.


The Queen has fled
The city sleeps
The knights are dead

The air here smells
Of soot and fear
Of broken hopes
And bloodied spears.

A castle of ash
Around an empty throne
That she decides
Is her new home.

She Jump-rope skips
Through empty streets
A world of hers
A world to keep

She knows this place
From a life ago
This kingdom where
Her loves would flow.

Emerging from
The dying embers
A wanderlust grows
As she remembers.

This is what
She’s always known
Only she
Can make her whole.

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