Bedtime on the Far End of Andromeda

“Tell me the story

Of that sad little race

Of sad little people

In that sad little place.

You know – the ones

With the eyes and the ears?

With the false little hopes?

And the really huge fears?”

Ah! Gargantuan dreams

Those clever apes had,

– Built ships to the stars,

– Cleaved sky out of land.


Frenzied about

Doing This,

Doing That,

Never stopping to breathe

Until their bodies went


Making up games

And drawing up lists,

Distracting themselves

From the great big abyss.


Every so often

They gathered and stood

And splat-ed each other

Over pulverized wood.


“What were they called?”

I’ve already forgot.

It seems as if yesterday

Has claimed the whole lot.

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