The Staccato Struggle

Bodies like bricks
Leaden and low
Whose stony salutes
Cast cold shadows.

Concrete castle silhouettes
Knock on cracked cognition
Each ring leaving
Bloody knuckles
-A momentary spark-
Too quickly extinguished.

Sandmxn baked to
Under the cosh
Of chaos

Lacerations luminating
Vapid, flailing veins
-A momentary spark –
Too quickly extinguished.


We who
From spark to spark,
We who
Like concrete castles
In the coarse corridors
Of time,
We who
Stay too high and too
We who
Cut and crazed and
Crawl from bed to bathroom and
Back again,
We who know
Only echoes and
Speak in sighed

We endure, until we don’t.
We spill
as little as we can

2 thoughts on “The Staccato Struggle

  1. This poem is really well written! Especially the final stanza – I think we are all in a constant state of trying to keep ourselves whole and happy. Though of course this is sadly not always possible.

    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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