I woke up this morning,

Proceeded to die,

Woke up again,

Climbed into the sky.


Sat in the clouds

As they drifted and dipped

Floated through fractals

On my candyfloss crypt.


The bed beneath parted

And through it I fell,

Hurtled through earth

And landed in hell.


Satan wore a suit,

A magnanimous smile,

Invited my soul

To stay for a while.


I hardly protested

It seemed just like home

Concrete and carnage,

Gold-lust monochrome.


People of paper

Pretending to                    Be.

Lost souls swimming

In a lost soul sea.


In the end I declined

His spray-tan invitation,

Bid him farewell,

Wished him luck at his station.



Better to live,

Still chasing Mystery

Better to live,

You’ll get there eventually.

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