First Left at the Asteroid Belt

Tastes like cold fruit

Smells like delusion

Feels like survival

Looks like confusion.


Deadpan daydreams

Of darkness, Black Death,

Die a little every night

Speak in whispered silhouettes


Like a wisp of cigarette

Toxic and malevolent,

Silent and sublime

The cancer tasting heaven sent.


I’ve been stand-stumbling

At the edge of the apocalypse

Living lost in locking lips

Sliding into cosmic crypts.


Knocking knees in the cosmic breeze

Looking up at Gods, they tease,

They ask me what it means To be

Alive and railed on energy.


Where is the Fullest

How do I live it before life empties me?

Augmenting my chemistry,

An existential spending spree.


Humans, masters of conceit

We’re defined by the words we eat

We’re denied by the final sleep

We’re supplied with the will to keep


Keeping on

Even in the sandstorm of uncertainty

But bury me and turn the key

I’m lusting for Eternity .



My ashes through the Galaxy

Through the vacuum

Send me Home and I’ll float happily.


But first give me more decades

To search for more connections

Leave me on Orion’s Belt

but leave me with less questions.

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