Swimming Pool Rules

Flat like a deflated manta ray

Hugging cold concrete sea bed

I’m left to entertain

The leaden

Thoughts occupying my head



Gazing up through azure avenues

It suddenly occurs to me

Time ebbs and flows like [trapped] water

And light refracts just like memory.



Stripped to nostalgic caricatures

Future skewed, past distorted,

Clinging to scattered, static, pixels,

Air and solid ground aborted.



Held breath slowly kneaded out

– Watch the bubbles effervesce –

Each a plastic pocket of potential

To be detonated among the rest.



Eyes heavy with chlorine

And the malaise of brittle, sleepless nights

Concrete organs matching concrete floor

Bloodied by the battle of those existential fights








Peripheries alight from

A self-inflicted napalm strike

Oxygen escaping

Draining with it, life



Cough, gasp, heave wet lungfuls

Involuntarily buoyant once again

We came close this time, at the bottom

To finding a satisfying                     The End



Surging to the surface

I beg for a few seconds more

Like the spaces between waking dreams

I’m drawn back to that free flowing floor.

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