The Final Fall

I met myself in the mirror

Only, my eyes

Told me I’d grown grey,


And died.


Skin stretched taut

Over bare, vacuumed bone

A corpse with a beard

No wiser, just old.


One day I will step

Off that precarious ledge,

Fall into the void,

Crack open my head


And under the snaps

Of too-brittle tendons

I’ll gouge out my wonder

With the devil’s own weapons.


Stumble, deaf and blind,

Into the post-life,

Gladly stripped of my senses,

Gladly stripped of my strife.


Neurons battered and frayed

By the shock of existence,

Escaping to fresh dimensions

Finding solace in distance.


Until that time comes

This oil rig will burn

Until its reserves are spent

And that last dive is earned.


Though we may think

We’re running on fumes

There are supernovae inside us

Erupting in plumes.


Let every last moment

Ignite these blackened skies

And rain down in starlight,

Galaxies in our eyes.


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