Spinning off a carousel,

Through crystal corridors I fell,

Sadistic games of show and tell

Sketch my pains, relay my hells


Splatter me to smithereens

Smother me in liquid dreams

Engulf my being in kerosene,

Licks of nitro glycerine.


Comfort in familiar voids

No safety net, iron lungs destroyed

With these fragile frames I’ve toyed,

On these deadened seas I’m buoyed.


Pondering these horror scenes

Of manic lives and broken seams

Reason found by any means

Making sense of scattered beams.


Existing always in two states

A pull to death or to create

What we love and what we hate

Dual landscapes to navigate.


Bleed my passions to this page,

Let pour out the love and rage,

Stand firm when the floodgates flow

Through these downpours we must grow.

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