There’s always fresh energy

Brimming with intensity

Hiding in dark corners

Desperate for the world to see.


Like lava flows

To hardened rock

It’s trapped inside

By your own locks


Do not be fooled

By empty hallways

Jagged edges

Haunted doorways


Behind the walls,

Just beyond sight

Lie infinite bands

Of liquid light


No matter how long it may take

Break those walls, destroy that hate

Wade through the bitterness that boils

Inside us all — bile from life’s toils.


Even with your knuckles broken,

Bloodied, mangled, twisted open

Once you breach that hardened magma

The suns inside will bathe you whole


And once engulfed in that blinding light

Having broken down those jagged walls

You feel the force of everything.

Of who you are

— Sans the bullshit —

Revitalised and energised

Purged of bitterness, purged of hate

— This world doesn’t need more of that.


Smiles and light and love

Resigned to darkened corners.

Beat down those barbed barriers

And spill your light into the world.


We owe it to each other.

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