In Justice

Imagine you’re a beached whale Turning rancid on some far-off shore Imagine you’re a dead hooker Embracing a suburban wooden floor, Imagine you’re a member of her clientele A dime-a-dozen corrupt officer of the law, Imagine you get angry, ‘cos you’re short of cash Beat the poor woman until her blood hangs on the door, […]

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Halfway Housed

Cocaine dreams and petroleum lines Chasing nirvana in white snow thought train Stimulant thrills forging victimless crimes Synthetic euphoria invades crimson brain Powdered walls in this marshmallow palace Gingerbread house enshrines rehab convent Cardboard meals and purple pills for Alice Brand name Zoloft that they say is Godsent Addiction gives way to new legal lust […]

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The Institute Welcomes You

We, here, at the Contemporary College of Excellence Would like to extend a most warm welcome Indeed, you are privileged, to garner a spot here And we trust that you will make the most of your stay Oh, don’t worry, just sign on the dotted line It’s the key to your future, be good and […]

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“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” ~Thomas Jefferson   Would you call this mud? A tenuous strand of thought emerges from the disarray of a crimson haze, soaking through the veil of blood-sand that coats the man, drip-dropping into the fast-fading corridors of his consciousness. He wonders, absently, how he can still hear those […]

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How About We Start a War?

Life’s unfair. That’s what we’re told, when things don’t go our way. Yes, you deserve it, no, unfortunately there’s no way to challenge it. That’s the consolation, the friendly, half-taunting commiseration – that no matter what “it” is, “it” is too great a challenge, too vast and intricate a machine to ever displace. Doing so […]

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Imagine Reality

Religion – The Great Institution, perhaps the most influential facet of humanity, in its entirety. It is often regarded as one of the cornerstones of our species’ development, the catalyst, throughout history, for change, or stagnation, on a grandiose scale. The question we must ask ourselves, however, is simply, “Why?” The human condition is such […]

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Ashes to Ashes

Thin, silvery wisps texture the stale air choked under a sky of tarpaulin. They mingle with the musty vapours, which now condense on the soldiers, a shroud of humidity. In the back of the Humvee, nobody speaks. The only punctuations in the air of horror are the stifled sobs of soldiers, overcome with the revulsion […]

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