The Staccato Struggle

Bodies like bricks Leaden and low Whose stony salutes Cast cold shadows. Concrete castle silhouettes Knock on cracked cognition Each ring leaving Bloody knuckles -A momentary spark- Too quickly extinguished.   Sandmxn baked to Clay Under the cosh Of chaos   Lacerations luminating Vapid, flailing veins -A momentary spark – Too quickly extinguished.   We […]

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The Tyranny of Democracy: A Beginning

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” – Thomas Jefferson As any Miss World contestant would gladly tell you, the world we live in today was shaped by millennia of suffering, conflict, genocide, misguidance and indoctrination. Glad that’s over? Great. Why shouldn’t you be, considering the privileged existences we all lead, here, in the 21st […]

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