The Staccato Struggle

Bodies like bricks Leaden and low Whose stony salutes Cast cold shadows. Concrete castle silhouettes Knock on cracked cognition Each ring leaving Bloody knuckles -A momentary spark- Too quickly extinguished.   Sandmxn baked to Clay Under the cosh Of chaos   Lacerations luminating Vapid, flailing veins -A momentary spark – Too quickly extinguished.   We […]

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The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Perception is everything – and it’s a very fragile lens. That’s what I found at the heart of Oliver Sacks’s monumental collection of case stories, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Sacks, a prolific neurologist and writer, documented case studies of people afflicted by inconceivable impairments – conditions that could render one […]

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An ode to a twisted home

Claws of conflict clasp at these night-times, Ringing in their screeches in the wails and Obscenities of those too inordinately fucked to care That their slurred syllables carry pathogens of insecurity Two streets down. Bellowing from the chunder-piss-semen-EDM stained alleyway that rears Its ugly drunken head To all that would hear, From Calata to Canterbury, […]

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How the Wind was Won

In a greyish-grey house On a greyish-grey day A greyish-grey boy Pirouetted away.   Through baby-blue kingdoms He hurtled and swayed, His greyish-grey self Being slowly replaced.   First went his senses – The sights and the sounds The bricks and the mortar Of his greyish-grey house.   Even the flakes Of his pangolin flesh […]

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Suits and ties And wads of paper, The faux-constructs Of faux-creators.   Circuses Of “Breaking News” Ringmasters / TV crews.   Paradigms To herd the sheep, To keep the thinkers Fast asleep.   Thoughts reduced To two dimensions; Screens that scream Of misdirection,   Regurgitating The revered myth, The grand old lie The system spits […]

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