Suits and ties And wads of paper, The faux-constructs Of faux-creators.   Circuses Of “Breaking News” Ringmasters / TV crews.   Paradigms To herd the sheep, To keep the thinkers Fast asleep.   Thoughts reduced To two dimensions; Screens that scream Of misdirection,   Regurgitating The revered myth, The grand old lie The system spits […]

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Eden, Exiled

Don’t stare too long Into the light Don’t scar those beautiful eyes White Knowledge Carves a bloodied trail – There’s venom In the holy grail. Truths discarded, Fall in shards And rake their way Down fragile arms Hanging onto Empty hopes Hanging down From homemade ropes Brittle cynics Adorn the void – Vacant – Wanderlust […]

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Do you lie awake And wonder? Sempiternal oceans Behind closed eyes Expanding Moulding Melting. Sempiternal oceans Behind closed eyes Anxiety-battered, A sightless shoreline Spills (In salted breaths) Over sleep, That final fortress – The last refuge – Of the knotted mind. Here, Lost to landscapes Of infinity, The rampant psyche Races. Sempiternal oceans Behind closed […]

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Cornered in A broken home, Longing for The open road Misunderstood Mistranslated She maintains, Bravely Devastated Immersed in crowds Yet isolated Her wanderlust Never sated A thousand eyes But no one sees The spirit she Yearns to release The depths of her Hidden beneath A facade of forced Conformity. The passion tearing Through her mind […]

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A star comes crashing Through the veil Invigorating With each inhale. Shrouded in Swathes of grey Young minds play The chaos games. Four letter words MDMA Pill-pressed love Hazes the fray. Stumbled thoughts On sidewalk slivers Mangled hopes In Vodka rivers. Substance maelstrom: Overdose, The Kids play on, Chasing ghosts. Heads on pavements, Hearts on […]

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A Walking Tour

You see these little pills? These ones are for the freaks The ones that won’t shut up And blabber on about their dreams. Can I get a straight-jacket For that kid in 109? The bitch is acting out again Screaming that he’s “feeling fine.” Excuse me, I’m distracted, There’s a fair bit to be done. […]

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The Lost.

A quaint little town Far, Far away Where apathy reigns And night leaks across day. Angels in cages Labelled: “Sunny Suburbia” Bleached by tragedy, Drenched in forced euphoria. Scraping pain Off scarlet wrists, The brave ones fight With blades, not fists. The silent war Behind picket-fence Rages on Lost to irrelevance. Soldiers muted With straight-jacket […]

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