This is the time To boldly go Where you’ve never been Before. This is the time To abandon rationale To foray Into the void. This is the time To dispel the myth Of a pursuit Of happiness. This is the time To embrace That which makes you Happy. This is the time, Because soon you’ll […]

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Seven voices Seven sins Strafe my mind With wanton whims. In flirtatious whispers They begin To wrought their will Through broken hymns. Sacrifice and evil deeds A chorus of depravity, Echoes around the fun fair ride, The melancholy of my mind. They’re closer now Nails scrape on skull Even tragedy Can’t be this dull They’re […]

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Stare into a barcode For the rest of your life And watch it cancer Across everything you know. Stare into the spaces Of tree-pulp white Ironed flat By the stark black lines. Stare into the lines Rigid tar rows Like men at attention Silhouettes of an army. Stare into the army Watch men quiver under […]

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In the padded leather recliner, the air is moist with fear and disinfectants. A syringe hovers over your taut bicep, buzzing the promise of a fresh creation. You’re in a sort of paralysis that throws you back into the infantile haze of your first vaccination – the doctor towering over you, pasted with a sickly-sweet […]

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You wear those scars on your sleeve Like a grunge Mardi Gras, Like a shadow’s silhouette Of the dreams that fell too fast You wear that smile on your face Like a tracing-paper fold, Like a glaring yellow star Smeared over the taunting cold You wear that stamp on your tongue Like the blankets that […]

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There’s an adrenalin rush Surging through scored veins On the edge of the abyss Dripping soul-blood rain Polyester suit slipping off your broken skin Swaying with the tug of the cosmic gale On the crumbling precipice You stand, flirting with the veil Torn on the ledge Wrecked with indecision Retreat into the grind Or embrace […]

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All in All

It’s a hole in the wall Where the lost boys live It’s a kingdom steeped in food stamps Where the lost boys live   On the Astroturf verge In a desert of suburbia It’s a broken-curfew oasis Where the lost boys live   In an asylum-white classroom Under gum-studded desks It’s a Tippex-scrawled defiance Where […]

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I met an old soul on the street last night He gave me some magic beans “Don’t use them all at once”, he said “Life isn’t what it seems” I met an old soul in the woods last night During a lucid dream “Life isn’t what it seems”, he said “Ignore the lost men’s screams” […]

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In Justice

Imagine you’re a beached whale Turning rancid on some far-off shore Imagine you’re a dead hooker Embracing a suburban wooden floor, Imagine you’re a member of her clientele A dime-a-dozen corrupt officer of the law, Imagine you get angry, ‘cos you’re short of cash Beat the poor woman until her blood hangs on the door, […]

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Halfway Housed

Cocaine dreams and petroleum lines Chasing nirvana in white snow thought train Stimulant thrills forging victimless crimes Synthetic euphoria invades crimson brain Powdered walls in this marshmallow palace Gingerbread house enshrines rehab convent Cardboard meals and purple pills for Alice Brand name Zoloft that they say is Godsent Addiction gives way to new legal lust […]

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