The Final Fall

I met myself in the mirror Only, my eyes Told me I’d grown grey, withered, And died.   Skin stretched taut Over bare, vacuumed bone A corpse with a beard No wiser, just old. /// One day I will step Off that precarious ledge, Fall into the void, Crack open my head   And under […]

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Float On?

My eyes opened  To blistering wind  To shards of rain & Blinding light, To the claps of Titans Erupting in bursts  Above  Around  Below.    Rods being flung  From angry, Olympian fists, Hungry For the Earth beneath, Each detonating  A hydrogen bomb  Whose shockwaves slid  Through the spaces  of my frayed, quaking atoms Dousing every […]

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Swimming Pool Rules

Flat like a deflated manta ray Hugging cold concrete sea bed I’m left to entertain The leaden Thoughts occupying my head     Gazing up through azure avenues It suddenly occurs to me Time ebbs and flows like [trapped] water And light refracts just like memory.     Stripped to nostalgic caricatures Future skewed, past […]

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When the bough breaks

I found him swinging in a fresh breeze. He was hanging from a dead tree. -Told me to listen -Asked me to kill him Once he was done, He wasn’t done wreaking mayhem.     Glassy eyes drained of surprise He tells me with a settled smile We’re doomed to chase that paradise We’re doomed […]

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First Left at the Asteroid Belt

Tastes like cold fruit Smells like delusion Feels like survival Looks like confusion.   Deadpan daydreams Of darkness, Black Death, Die a little every night Speak in whispered silhouettes   Like a wisp of cigarette Toxic and malevolent, Silent and sublime The cancer tasting heaven sent.   I’ve been stand-stumbling At the edge of the […]

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I woke up this morning, Proceeded to die, Woke up again, Climbed into the sky.   Sat in the clouds As they drifted and dipped Floated through fractals On my candyfloss crypt.   The bed beneath parted And through it I fell, Hurtled through earth And landed in hell.   Satan wore a suit, A […]

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