I wonder if Icarus Ever realised That he’d really, well, and truly, fucked up.   Did he panic when the sun’s relentless rays whipped liquid lashes of molten wax Across his cracked and naked back?   Or was that drowned in the cascade of adrenalin-pumped sweat screaming                                 higher                                 faster                                 further As cyclones […]

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There’s an adrenalin rush Surging through scored veins On the edge of the abyss Dripping soul-blood rain Polyester suit slipping off your broken skin Swaying with the tug of the cosmic gale On the crumbling precipice You stand, flirting with the veil Torn on the ledge Wrecked with indecision Retreat into the grind Or embrace […]

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1 Next to the river on a rotted tree Go venture to the hornet’s hunting ground a hive down by the old moss shrouded creek The hornet waits and hones its lacerate. Vacant stare jests behind orange one piece The anesthetist tests his special K Sterile, leather chair and singed restraints A tomb the sentenced […]

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