A star comes crashing Through the veil Invigorating With each inhale. Shrouded in Swathes of grey Young minds play The chaos games. Four letter words MDMA Pill-pressed love Hazes the fray. Stumbled thoughts On sidewalk slivers Mangled hopes In Vodka rivers. Substance maelstrom: Overdose, The Kids play on, Chasing ghosts. Heads on pavements, Hearts on […]

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Halfway Housed

Cocaine dreams and petroleum lines Chasing nirvana in white snow thought train Stimulant thrills forging victimless crimes Synthetic euphoria invades crimson brain Powdered walls in this marshmallow palace Gingerbread house enshrines rehab convent Cardboard meals and purple pills for Alice Brand name Zoloft that they say is Godsent Addiction gives way to new legal lust […]

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