The things that words Can’t seem to say The feelings That encapsulate Broken down Lost In vowels Primal screams Manic howls Vocalized Weaponry Fails to describe Purgatory A Linguistic cage That can’t express The exquisite pain Of mortal distress Left Brain thought Leads astray The creative force Of right brain haze It’s a futile game […]

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Seven voices Seven sins Strafe my mind With wanton whims. In flirtatious whispers They begin To wrought their will Through broken hymns. Sacrifice and evil deeds A chorus of depravity, Echoes around the fun fair ride, The melancholy of my mind. They’re closer now Nails scrape on skull Even tragedy Can’t be this dull They’re […]

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All in All

It’s a hole in the wall Where the lost boys live It’s a kingdom steeped in food stamps Where the lost boys live   On the Astroturf verge In a desert of suburbia It’s a broken-curfew oasis Where the lost boys live   In an asylum-white classroom Under gum-studded desks It’s a Tippex-scrawled defiance Where […]

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