This is the time To boldly go Where you’ve never been Before. This is the time To abandon rationale To foray Into the void. This is the time To dispel the myth Of a pursuit Of happiness. This is the time To embrace That which makes you Happy. This is the time, Because soon you’ll […]

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You wear those scars on your sleeve Like a grunge Mardi Gras, Like a shadow’s silhouette Of the dreams that fell too fast You wear that smile on your face Like a tracing-paper fold, Like a glaring yellow star Smeared over the taunting cold You wear that stamp on your tongue Like the blankets that […]

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All in All

It’s a hole in the wall Where the lost boys live It’s a kingdom steeped in food stamps Where the lost boys live   On the Astroturf verge In a desert of suburbia It’s a broken-curfew oasis Where the lost boys live   In an asylum-white classroom Under gum-studded desks It’s a Tippex-scrawled defiance Where […]

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A frantic spirit, diseased by violence Resigned to a life of desolate silence Swamped in frustration, caged by futility Wasting away in a desert of sterility He can’t weave fiction, devoid of a muse his words only emerge in monochrome hues Hollow inside, unable to ignite The artist’s flickering, fading light He seals himself off, […]

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