A star comes crashing Through the veil Invigorating With each inhale. Shrouded in Swathes of grey Young minds play The chaos games. Four letter words MDMA Pill-pressed love Hazes the fray. Stumbled thoughts On sidewalk slivers Mangled hopes In Vodka rivers. Substance maelstrom: Overdose, The Kids play on, Chasing ghosts. Heads on pavements, Hearts on […]

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Grown up kids with broken wings Breaking hearts And scarring things. Grown up kids With chastised minds Left in schools To rot and die. Grown up kids With racing thoughts Reigned in by Screeching black boards Grown up kids Yearning to flee Adolescent Eternity Grown up kids Too young to care Living on dreams Walking […]

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In Justice

Imagine you’re a beached whale Turning rancid on some far-off shore Imagine you’re a dead hooker Embracing a suburban wooden floor, Imagine you’re a member of her clientele A dime-a-dozen corrupt officer of the law, Imagine you get angry, ‘cos you’re short of cash Beat the poor woman until her blood hangs on the door, […]

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