We’re All Mad Here

Listening To empty space She sits and stares And lays to waste. The abyss leaks down In tarred black rain A prison cell Of muted pain. Inside herself A struggle rages Smothered light, Forgotten faces. Entangled by her fractured thoughts She searches for The faith she lost. Looking through Amnesiac past She tumbles through The […]

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You wear those scars on your sleeve Like a grunge Mardi Gras, Like a shadow’s silhouette Of the dreams that fell too fast You wear that smile on your face Like a tracing-paper fold, Like a glaring yellow star Smeared over the taunting cold You wear that stamp on your tongue Like the blankets that […]

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I met an old soul on the street last night He gave me some magic beans “Don’t use them all at once”, he said “Life isn’t what it seems” I met an old soul in the woods last night During a lucid dream “Life isn’t what it seems”, he said “Ignore the lost men’s screams” […]

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1 Next to the river on a rotted tree Go venture to the hornet’s hunting ground a hive down by the old moss shrouded creek The hornet waits and hones its lacerate. Vacant stare jests behind orange one piece The anesthetist tests his special K Sterile, leather chair and singed restraints A tomb the sentenced […]

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A frantic spirit, diseased by violence Resigned to a life of desolate silence Swamped in frustration, caged by futility Wasting away in a desert of sterility He can’t weave fiction, devoid of a muse his words only emerge in monochrome hues Hollow inside, unable to ignite The artist’s flickering, fading light He seals himself off, […]

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Imagine Reality

Religion – The Great Institution, perhaps the most influential facet of humanity, in its entirety. It is often regarded as one of the cornerstones of our species’ development, the catalyst, throughout history, for change, or stagnation, on a grandiose scale. The question we must ask ourselves, however, is simply, “Why?” The human condition is such […]

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