When the bough breaks

I found him swinging in a fresh breeze. He was hanging from a dead tree. -Told me to listen -Asked me to kill him Once he was done, He wasn’t done wreaking mayhem.     Glassy eyes drained of surprise He tells me with a settled smile We’re doomed to chase that paradise We’re doomed […]

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First Left at the Asteroid Belt

Tastes like cold fruit Smells like delusion Feels like survival Looks like confusion.   Deadpan daydreams Of darkness, Black Death, Die a little every night Speak in whispered silhouettes   Like a wisp of cigarette Toxic and malevolent, Silent and sublime The cancer tasting heaven sent.   I’ve been stand-stumbling At the edge of the […]

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I woke up this morning, Proceeded to die, Woke up again, Climbed into the sky.   Sat in the clouds As they drifted and dipped Floated through fractals On my candyfloss crypt.   The bed beneath parted And through it I fell, Hurtled through earth And landed in hell.   Satan wore a suit, A […]

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The Staccato Struggle

Bodies like bricks Leaden and low Whose stony salutes Cast cold shadows. Concrete castle silhouettes Knock on cracked cognition Each ring leaving Bloody knuckles -A momentary spark- Too quickly extinguished.   Sandmxn baked to Clay Under the cosh Of chaos   Lacerations luminating Vapid, flailing veins -A momentary spark – Too quickly extinguished.   We […]

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An ode to a twisted home

Claws of conflict clasp at these night-times, Ringing in their screeches in the wails and Obscenities of those too inordinately fucked to care That their slurred syllables carry pathogens of insecurity Two streets down. Bellowing from the chunder-piss-semen-EDM stained alleyway that rears Its ugly drunken head To all that would hear, From Calata to Canterbury, […]

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How the Wind was Won

In a greyish-grey house On a greyish-grey day A greyish-grey boy Pirouetted away.   Through baby-blue kingdoms He hurtled and swayed, His greyish-grey self Being slowly replaced.   First went his senses – The sights and the sounds The bricks and the mortar Of his greyish-grey house.   Even the flakes Of his pangolin flesh […]

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Eden, Exiled

Don’t stare too long Into the light Don’t scar those beautiful eyes White Knowledge Carves a bloodied trail – There’s venom In the holy grail. Truths discarded, Fall in shards And rake their way Down fragile arms Hanging onto Empty hopes Hanging down From homemade ropes Brittle cynics Adorn the void – Vacant – Wanderlust […]

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Do you lie awake And wonder? Sempiternal oceans Behind closed eyes Expanding Moulding Melting. Sempiternal oceans Behind closed eyes Anxiety-battered, A sightless shoreline Spills (In salted breaths) Over sleep, That final fortress – The last refuge – Of the knotted mind. Here, Lost to landscapes Of infinity, The rampant psyche Races. Sempiternal oceans Behind closed […]

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Cornered in A broken home, Longing for The open road Misunderstood Mistranslated She maintains, Bravely Devastated Immersed in crowds Yet isolated Her wanderlust Never sated A thousand eyes But no one sees The spirit she Yearns to release The depths of her Hidden beneath A facade of forced Conformity. The passion tearing Through her mind […]

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