A star comes crashing Through the veil Invigorating With each inhale. Shrouded in Swathes of grey Young minds play The chaos games. Four letter words MDMA Pill-pressed love Hazes the fray. Stumbled thoughts On sidewalk slivers Mangled hopes In Vodka rivers. Substance maelstrom: Overdose, The Kids play on, Chasing ghosts. Heads on pavements, Hearts on […]

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Stare into a barcode For the rest of your life And watch it cancer Across everything you know. Stare into the spaces Of tree-pulp white Ironed flat By the stark black lines. Stare into the lines Rigid tar rows Like men at attention Silhouettes of an army. Stare into the army Watch men quiver under […]

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A frantic spirit, diseased by violence Resigned to a life of desolate silence Swamped in frustration, caged by futility Wasting away in a desert of sterility He can’t weave fiction, devoid of a muse his words only emerge in monochrome hues Hollow inside, unable to ignite The artist’s flickering, fading light He seals himself off, […]

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