Grown up kids with broken wings Breaking hearts And scarring things. Grown up kids With chastised minds Left in schools To rot and die. Grown up kids With racing thoughts Reigned in by Screeching black boards Grown up kids Yearning to flee Adolescent Eternity Grown up kids Too young to care Living on dreams Walking […]

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Seven voices Seven sins Strafe my mind With wanton whims. In flirtatious whispers They begin To wrought their will Through broken hymns. Sacrifice and evil deeds A chorus of depravity, Echoes around the fun fair ride, The melancholy of my mind. They’re closer now Nails scrape on skull Even tragedy Can’t be this dull They’re […]

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All in All

It’s a hole in the wall Where the lost boys live It’s a kingdom steeped in food stamps Where the lost boys live   On the Astroturf verge In a desert of suburbia It’s a broken-curfew oasis Where the lost boys live   In an asylum-white classroom Under gum-studded desks It’s a Tippex-scrawled defiance Where […]

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“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” ~Thomas Jefferson   Would you call this mud? A tenuous strand of thought emerges from the disarray of a crimson haze, soaking through the veil of blood-sand that coats the man, drip-dropping into the fast-fading corridors of his consciousness. He wonders, absently, how he can still hear those […]

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