When the bough breaks

I found him swinging in a fresh breeze. He was hanging from a dead tree. -Told me to listen -Asked me to kill him Once he was done, He wasn’t done wreaking mayhem.     Glassy eyes drained of surprise He tells me with a settled smile We’re doomed to chase that paradise We’re doomed […]

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A Walking Tour

You see these little pills? These ones are for the freaks The ones that won’t shut up And blabber on about their dreams. Can I get a straight-jacket For that kid in 109? The bitch is acting out again Screaming that he’s “feeling fine.” Excuse me, I’m distracted, There’s a fair bit to be done. […]

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The Institute Welcomes You

We, here, at the Contemporary College of Excellence Would like to extend a most warm welcome Indeed, you are privileged, to garner a spot here And we trust that you will make the most of your stay Oh, don’t worry, just sign on the dotted line It’s the key to your future, be good and […]

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